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Keeping you safe during Covid-19

** Last updated 11th August 2020 **


We comply with current government guidelines by ensuring the following arrangements are in place during face to face therapy:


  • The therapist will follow current government guidelines regarding social distancing outside of sessions;
  • The therapist will not come to work with symptoms of COVID-19 or if anybody in their household has symptoms;
  • The therapist will self isolate when advised by the government's track & trace scheme;
  • In the event of illness or isolation, the therapist will give the client as much notice as possible when cancelling sessions. Those missed from a block will be added onto the end of a block;
  • All procedures will be reviewed daily and in line with changing government guidelines;

    In the therapy room:

  • The therapist will ensure there is at least 2 metres (plus) between themselves and the client at all times;
  • Employees of indoor settings and children under the age of 11 are exempt from wearing face masks. With clients over the age of 11, the therapist will contract on an individual basis around whether they wish to wear a face mask or whether they wish to make themselves exempt on the grounds of needing to read facial expressions. If the client chooses to wear a mask and would the therapist to also wear a mask the therapist will do so;
  • A cleaning station will be provided for use on entry and exit to room - including antibacterials gels, wipes, sprays and towels;
  • Door handles will be disinfected after each session;
  • Room will be partially ventilated throughout session and fully ventilated in between sessions;
  • In order to use the sand tray all clients must sanitise their hands before and after touching the sand;
  • All miniatures used in the sand tray will be sanitised between sessions;
  • Soft toys and puppets will be available on a rotating basis. Any used in sessions will be quarantined for 72 hours;
  • Resources will be limited to those which can be washed or sprayed between sessions;
  • All consumable resources such as dough, paper and craft materials will be kept in the client's own personal box until therapy terminates;
  • Playroom floor and surfaces touched will be disinfected between sessions;
  • The therapist will thoroughly wash hands after each session or immediately in the event of any unavoidable contact;

    In toilets:

  • The room now has its own designated individual toilet next door meaning no contact with the public necessary;
  • The toilet will be fully cleaned & disinfected after each use;
  • Each toilet will be equipped with cleaning products and antibacterial spray;
  • Posters reminding of good handwashing practices are displayed above sinks;

    In communal spaces:

  • Upon entering the building there is a sanitisation station for all visitors to use on entry;
  • 2 metre reminder markings in entrance and throughout building;
  • Main doors in the waiting area will be always open for ventilation;
  • Weekly deep clean throughout whole building;
  • Daily cleaning of the staircase and toilets;

    We ask that you as clients will:

  • Follow all current government guidelines around social distancing outside the sessions;
  • Wash hands before leaving your home for the session;
  • Use the antibacterial gel on arrival into the building and into the room;
  • Self isolate when advised by the government's track & trace scheme;
  • Adhere to any self-isolation requirement for the necessary period upon entering the UK from abroad;
  • Refrain from attending a session with symptoms of COVID-19 or if anybody in our household has symptoms;
  • Contact the therapist at the earliest opportunity if you are unable to attend a session;
  • Inform the therapist immediately if a test for COVID-19 is positive;

    Clients are asked to sign a declaration agreeing to the following statements before beginning face to face therapy:

  • I am aware that, whilst every effort has been made to reduce risk and work within government guidelines, there is still always minimal risk in transmitting the virus with any face to face interactions.
  • I understand that no liability claim can be made against the therapist in the event that I contract coronavirus or symptoms of coronavirus.
  • I will allow the therapist to release personal contact details to the NHS Track & Trace service. Only the client’s full name will be disclosed;

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